Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is a beautiful piece of land in Queensland situated in the Shire of Douglas within the Daintree National Park. It has a very small population but the holiday homes, backpacker hostels, and bed and breakfast eco-lodges appear quite quaint to most tourists. From the rainforest, you can step straight on to the beach and get on a fast boat or a kayak that will take you around the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding islands. Using the flying fox to enjoy an aerial view of this natural marvel and soaring of the rainforest canopy is a great pastime for most people who visit Cape Tribulation. This is just one of the great experiences that Cape Tribulation offers.


Fauna and Flora Diversity of Cape Tribulation


Australia’s richest diversity of fauna and flora is very common in this region and if you can an experienced guide, he will introduce you to the Boyd’s forest dragon and the peppermint stick insect as well as explain the intricacies of this spectacular and ancient environment. Let him introduce you to the eco-lodges and farms that offer exotic tropical fruits and locally made ice cream. Cape Tribulation is a delightful bushwalking paradise that you can enjoy either along the beach or in the rainforest.  Many backpackers enjoy the party atmosphere of the hostels and the jungle setting for their trecking activities.


You can marvel at the beautiful empty beaches littered small shells and driftwood from the natural sculptures or hire a horse and ride through the rainforest with your tent so that you can pitch it on the beach in order to enjoy the ocean waves and the beautiful horizon from your sleeping mat. There is nothing as relaxing as swimming in clear waters, an experience that can be enjoyed in swimming holes available in most hostels and bed breakfast lodges and the snorkeling tours to explore the Great Barrier Reef.


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